"I know" Video documents the recording process www.youtube.com/watch


Would you tell me something I want to hear
I feel alone
Always trying to be on the safe side of life
Until this day
Never cared to learn of a different way
I need to know
I'm living the life of someone else these days
I think you know

I Know, I Know, I Know, I think you know

I get inspired into my lucid dreams
It feels so real
I'm dreaming of places I've never been
It feels ideal

I Know, I Know, I Know, I think you know.


from Tired of 01010101 (U), released September 12, 2012
Written, produced, arranged and performed by MANOLIS. All instruments and vocals by MANOLIS




iamMANOLIS Greece

Musician/Producer heavily influenced by 70s & 80s funk and electronic music.

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