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Things We Didn't Say: Tired of 01010101 (U)


Glow Dance 03:15
I know 03:38
Would you tell me something I want to hear I feel alone Always trying to be on the safe side of life Until this day Never cared to learn of a different way I need to know I'm living the life of someone else these days I think you know I Know, I Know, I Know, I think you know I get inspired into my lucid dreams It feels so real I'm dreaming of places I've never been It feels ideal I Know, I Know, I Know, I think you know.
Just Before 02:52
You are of coins and the game has ended There is continue option You have failed Don't try to cheat me I'm not falling for that In this adventure you are of luck That's right I know I'm tired of U I know I'm tired of you Don't give me riddles I don't care to solve I guess I'm talking To the wall You are act Just nagging a lot That's not gonna help you You're not twisting the plot I'm tired of U
The Lie 04:39
The Dawn 03:05
Fulgent 05:16


"....“I Know”, the newest single by solo artist and self-proclaimed “one man band” MANOLIS is much better than you’d expect, and much better than it should be. The only reason I say this is because, in general, expectations of independent artists tend to be low, and expectations of solo artists who post Youtube videos tend to be extremely low. Prepare to be shocked. From the beginning, the production and warm synths provide a backdrop for Manolis’ emotionally charged, yet cool and smooth, vocals. The vocal delivery is mature and chosen like a seasoned pop star. Rather than simply crafting a catchy tune, it’s clear that Manolis wants to affect the listener on an energetic level. I’m a big fan of British electronic act UNKLE as well as David Bowie’s controversial “Outside” release (1995), and I heard both subtle influences here.

Manolis himself is inspired by a long line of pop and rock music greats; Prince, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, Hall & Oates. Many artists name-drop and then fail to live up to the hype. Manolis does, and he also encourages repeat listens. Not only is he adept at every element of the song writing process – he performs with taste, leaving space for the piece to breathe. Manolis juggles the responsibilities of piano, keys, bass, guitar, drums, ukulele, melodica and glockenspiel with grace. With over 750,000 views on Youtube and a growing global audience, he is an example of one of the positive sides of the often ridiculed Youtube format. Even though the video shows Manolis himself playing all the instruments in a studio setting, it doesn’t for a moment come across as indulgent or bland. This is absolutely brilliant...."


released September 12, 2012

Written, produced, arranged and performed by MANOLIS. All instruments and vocals by MANOLIS

Watch "Tired of 01010101 (U)" videos at youtube.com/iamMANOLIS


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iamMANOLIS Greece

Musician/Producer heavily influenced by 70s & 80s funk and electronic music.

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